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The land-locked eastern European country of Belarus is a brilliant holiday destination, offering a variety of picturesque villages, stunning landscapes of wide plains, lakes and luscious forests, medieval buildings and activities for the whole family to enjoy…

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Holiday Villas & Apartments in Minsk City, Belarus

Holiday villas in Belarus

The land-locked eastern European country of Belarus is a brilliant holiday destination, offering a variety of picturesque villages, stunning landscapes of wide plains, lakes and luscious forests, medieval buildings and activities for the whole family to enjoy…

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With its temperature-continental climate and distinct seasons, visitors can enjoy the country’s hot, long summers and long, cold winters – perfect for winter sports, from sledding to snowboarding. The country is becoming more and more popular as an alpine skiing destination too, with high hills perfect for adventure! View the Travelopo portfolio of Belarus holiday homes and apartments for the perfect rental, suited to the holiday you desire!

A variety of natural beauties can be admired across the country – in fact, forests cover about 36 percent of Belarus’ territory and over 11,000 lakes and 20,000 rivers can be found here! Braslaw Lakes is one of the four national parks here, as a unique ecosystem offering a number of idyllic lakes and a large forest of pine trees.

Nature-lovers should certainly explore Białowieża National Park on their Belarus holiday, located around 340kms south-west of Minsk. The park is home to more than 900 plants and 250 animals and birds; a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site and enticing tourist attraction.

And of course, the country is known for its abundance of unique architectural styles, from its beautiful churches to its remarkable palaces. Which Belarus city is for you? Browse the Travelopo Belarus catalogue for some handy holiday inspiration!

Head to the buzzing capital city of Minsk on your Belarus holiday! The city is home to an array of beautiful churches, easy to explore on foot, including the 20th century neo-Romanesque Church of Saints Simon and Helena. The modern city also offers a variety of museums and theatres, as well as the Modern National Library of Belarus, which provides brilliant views of the city from its open-air observation pad.

The capital’s main street of Independence Square is one of the largest in Europe (at around 15 kilometres) and a tourist hotspot by day and night! The area is home to a handful of landmarks including the Church of Holy Trinity and the popular National Library.

Visit the brilliant Museum of the Great Patriotic War; relax in Gorky Park close to Victory Square and enjoy the serenity of Minsk Botanical Garden… you’ll quickly fill your Belarus holiday itinerary on a Minsk city break! You can find the perfect base for your Belarus adventures across the Travelopo catalogue of holiday homes and apartments in and around Minsk…

Or head to the south-western city of Brest on your Belarus holiday, also known as Brest-Litovsk, boasting striking historical architecture as well as a large number of nearby national parks and nature reserves. The city’s landmark of the Brest Hero-Fortress’ memorial complex is a popular attraction in particular.

Make sure to explore Berestye Archaeological Museum here and admire the magnificent, 19th century Brest Fortress. See the Mukhavets River flowing through the city and venture to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Belavezhskaya Pushcha National Park, just outside Brest, adjacent to the border with Poland. View the Travelopo catalogue of Belarus holiday homes and apartments in and around Brest city.

Located on the Dvina River, Polotsk, the oldest city in the country, is another fantastic destination, home to an ancient cathedral, fortress and convent. Historic Polotsk is one of the most beautiful cities in Belarus, home to the spectacular Saint Sophia Cathedral. Browse the Travelopo portfolio of holiday homes and apartments in and around Polotsk for an unforgettable escape to this diverse European country!

The Mir Castle Complex is another must-see landmark on your Belarus holiday! Located in the town of Mir, the 16th century complex is a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site, and today, of national importance both historically and culturally. Or visit Nesvizh Castle, another renowned UNESCO protected site, in the city of Nesvizh. The castle boasts diverse architecture and stunning gardens to explore.

Or choose Lida Castle, in the Grodno region! One of the Belarus’ oldest castles, Lida dominates the town of the same name, attracting thousands of visitors every year, particularly in the winter, when an ice-skating rink appears to entertain the whole family!

The Gomel region of Belarus, in the south-eastern corner of the country, also promises a fun-filled experience! The region is home to a great variety of historical, cultural and archaeological monuments, as well as a handful of fantastic museums and art galleries. Marvel at Gomel Palace, with its grounds stretching for 800 metres along the right bank of the Sozh River!

Fancy a holiday to Belarus? Whether you desire a snow-capped holiday of winter sports or sun-kissed summer escape, Belarus offers an unforgettable break immersed in natural beauty. From its delicious authentic national cuisine to its breathtaking natural landscapes and cityscapes, Belarus offers an incredible destination, throughout the seasons. Make sure to view our array of holiday homes and apartments across this beautiful country; you won’t be disappointed…

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