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Millennia have passed and Greece, in south-eastern Europe, is still as full of culture and hidden wonders as it was 2,000 years ago; from the buzzing metropolis of Athens to the picturesque Ionian Islands. Villas in Greece vary from region to region, with each area having its own distinct style – as do the people and the food…

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Holiday villas in Greece

Millennia have passed and Greece, in south-eastern Europe, is still as full of culture and hidden wonders as it was 2,000 years ago; from the buzzing metropolis of Athens to the picturesque Ionian Islands. Villas in Greece vary from region to region, with each area having its own distinct style – as do the people and the food…

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For those looking to explore a fascinating and beautiful destination – or become immersed in another country’s heritage and culture – Greece is an ideal place for you visit as a romantic escape for two, fun-filled family break or culture-immersed, sun-kissed getaway with the gang. Book your dream Greece villa holiday today – we promise, you won’t be disappointed!

A Greece villa holiday offers you a huge amount of choice, with thousands of islands to select from, from vast, tourist spots to secluded, hidden treasures. The islands, scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, are also hugely diverse themselves; from sleepy, peaceful resorts to louder, lively destinations.

You’re sure to find the perfect Greece villa holiday for you with Travelopo, whether it be in Crete; the largest of the islands oozing with Greek culture and history, or Zante, renowned for its fantastic beaches offering great scuba- diving experiences.

Greece’s Ionian Islands tick all the boxes for an unforgettable, sun-drenched escape. With seven main islands to choose from, as well as many smaller islands in the group, the Ionians are known for their array of beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, exotic, turquoise waters and of course, its enticing, hot Mediterranean climate offering scenic sun-bathing spots throughout the seasons…

The lusciously green islands, just off the west coast of mainland Greece, boast varied landscapes, cultures and attractions, but promise natural beauties galore. The cosmopolitan island of Corfu is one of the most beautiful, with its rugged mountains, sandy beaches and traditional, Grecian towns – not to mention its vibrant nightlife offerings for adventure after sunset.

Or why not choose your dream escape from the Cyclades island complex on your Greece villa holiday? The group offers a huge variety of beautiful holiday destinations, with its traditional, white-washed Grecian villages, mesmerising beaches and breathtaking, unspoiled landscapes. The complex’s major islands include Kythnos, close to the capital of Athens, Naxos, in the centre of the complex and Santorini, the largest of a small, circular archipelago.

A hugely popular destination (attracting millions of tourist every year!), the Greek capital city of Athens offers an unforgettable break year-round. Scattered with monuments of the famous Greek civilization, stretching back to over 3,000 years, there’s plenty to explore here, from impressive temples to fascinating museums. In the east-central Attica region, Athens’ bustling markets and long coastline of beaches and small coves are sure to enjoyed as well as the iconic, architectural wonders.

The beaches in Greece vary just as much from the beautiful white sand beaches of Vai in Crete to the rocky coves of the Peloponnese. A Greek villa holiday is sure to entice you to cool off in the exotic waters and take advantage of the fantastic snorkeling spots.

Crete, with its 650 miles of coastline, is ideal for snorkelling due to its warm water temperatures (in summer particularly, from 22*C to 27*C), clear waters, rocky sea beds and most important of all – fantastic variety of fish and sea-plants, including starfish and eels! The south coast of Crete is particularly popular for those looking to spot interesting sealife.

Holiday-foodies are sure to enjoy a Greece villa holiday too – whether you want to feast on freshly caught swordfish steaks, souvlaki, olives, spicy greek meatballs or a simple greek feta salad, there will be plenty of delicious cuisine throughout your stay. Even tempt yourself with a few delightful Baklava (Greek honey cakes).

Your villa holiday in Greece will be packed full of relaxation, delight and as much culture and vibrancy as you want. If you want to travel back in time, sample authentic Greek cuisine, get lost in a vibrant but historic city or simply relax on a sun-kissed island beach, a villa holiday in Greece is for you.

If you venture out of your villa, away from the private pool you will find decades, centuries and millennia of rich culture and artefacts, from the Acropolis in Athens to the palace of Knossos in Crete. A country steeped in history, a Greece villa holiday is most definitely a culture-vulture’s paradise!

No matter where you choose to stay, you’re never far from a historical or archaeological site or remain – from the Great Theatre of Epidaurus, within the archaeological site of the Sanctuary of Asklepios, to the infamous Acropolis of Athens. Greece also boasts several UNESCO sites, including The Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae, Rhodes medieval town and Olympia, in a valley in the Peloponnesus. Make sure to browse the Travelopo website for your dream holiday rental across Greece – from luxury apartments to stunning villas.

If you fancy a short flight or boat ride you can visit in the beautiful volcanic (don’t worry it isn’t active) island of Santorini, a picturesque sea of white and blue against the steep slopes of the old volcano looking in to the protected and calm waters of the old crater. Devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century, Santorini is now a spectacle of the Mediterranean.

You can enjoy visiting Santorini’s capital, Thira, after gazing at the volcano’s crater, to become immersed in traditional Grecian culture. The island is hugely romantic too, with many of the restaurants overlooking the stunning caldera, offering a heart-racing candlelit meal at sunset.

A villa holiday in Greece, whether it be a mainland city break or island escape on Mykonos, Skiathos or even tiny Paxos, is sure to get your mind relaxing and excited in equal amounts…

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To make an enquiry on our mobile-friendly website, simply click on the ‘Enquire Now’ button on any property and fill out the enquiry form. One of our dedicated specialists will then be in touch within 24 hours. If the property is “Instant Book” you can book online now.

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