7 fairytale destinations for a holiday happy ever after!

7 fairytale destinations for a holiday happy ever after!

… and they all lived happily ever after! The perfect holiday will make you feel like you’re truly in a fairytale. For those seeking an authentic fairytale break, there are a brilliant diversity of breathtaking castles, welcoming medieval villages and compelling modern attractions to choose from – depending on what type of holiday you desire.

So whether you’re craving a fun-fuelled family break, romantic escape for two or relaxing vacation with the gang, the dream fairytale destination is waiting for you. Don’t wait to wish upon a star for your perfect break!

Check out our 7 favourite destinations for a fairytale ending…

May all your holiday wishes come true!

1- Segovia, Spain

The historic city of Segovia is a beautiful area of Spain to explore; known for its medieval walls, former royal palace and ancient Roman aqueduct. The city is famously home to the magnificent Alcázar of Segovia, an imposing fairytale castle which is today one of Spain’s most visited monuments! A stunning symbol of art and history, the beautiful castle was built on a rocky promontory. Visitors can explore inside the castle rooms and admire the views of old Segovia city from a great height.

2- Paris, France

Of course, for those who long to meet their favourite film characters up close, admire colourful parades and sing-along to epic movie soundtracks, Disneyland Paris is a must. Located in Marne-la-Vallée, the world-famous entertainment resort has something for everyone; from young children looking to become totally immersed in their favourite films to older groups seeking a fun, nostalgic experience surrounded by magic and music. Millions visit the resort every year for the ultimate fairytale experience – it’s easy to see why!

Of course, France’s romantic capital city has so much more to offer for a dream-like escape. A global centre for art and fashion, Paris’ excellent shopping, attractions, iconic monuments and delicious cuisine are not to be missed.

3- Bran, Romania

Romania is home to the incredible Bran Castle; another beautiful, fairytale fortress, but one which has also sparked the legend of Count Dracula! Widely dubbed simply as Dracula’s Castle, visitors here can admire the mountainous views and experience the myth and history behind the castle by exploring inside and out.

Romania is known for its impressive castles and medieval towns, but the country is also rich in history and arts, with a plethora of UNESCO World Heritage Sites to explore on your holiday. From its buzzing capital city of Bucharest to its unusual Izvorul Bigăr waterfalls, Romania offers a fairytale escape and explorer’s paradise.

4- Trieste, Italy

Around 8 kms north-west of the Italian city of Trieste is the magical Miramare Castle; an architectural masterpiece sitting idyllically on a cliff high above the sea. Dating back to the 17th century, the castle is beautifully surrounded by the green, picturesque Miramare Park, across a surface of 22 hectares. Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, the castle and park are a majestic attraction in the north of Italy.

Of course, an Italian holiday is ideal for foodies too, with its mouth-watering authentic Italian dishes. The three ‘P’s’ of paradise; pizza, pesto and pasta are sure to be enjoyed!

5- Florida, USA

Disney-enthusiasts must head to the huge entertainment complex of Walt Disney World in Florida! With four theme parks and two water parks, the resort is a hub of fairytale excitement in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista.

Sunny Florida, in the south-eastern region of the US, is a magical destination altogether. From its beautiful beaches to its gorgeous, year-round climate, a holiday here is sure to make dreams come true…

6- Copenhagen, Denmark

Although the smallest of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark has plenty to offer, particularly in its buzzing capital city of Copenhagen. The city is famously home to the infamous bronze statue of The Little Mermaid. Located on a rock by the waterside at the Langelinie promenade in Copenhagen, the fairytale sculpture is over 100 years old, attracting more than million visitors every year!

From idyllic canal rides to stunning beaches with over 7,300 kms of coastline, Denmark is another dream destination to tick off your travel bucket list.

7- Bern, Switzerland

Last but not least, another fairytale fortress certainly worth visiting is Switzerland’s mesmerising Thun Castle; an amazing piece of architecture located in the city of Thun, in the canton of Bern. The medieval castle dates back to the 13th century, today housing a fantastic museum and offering postcard perfect, mountainous views from high above the Aare River.

The canton Bern’s capital of the same name is also Switzerland’s brilliant capital city! Lying in the heart of the country, Bern city offers a stunning UNESCO World Heritage old town, a handful of great shopping promenades and pretty, botanical gardens to complete a blissful Swiss escape.

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