What not to do on a friends group holiday

What not to do on a friends group holiday

Going on holiday with your friends can be an amazing experience. Away from your family, job and everyday tasks, you can prove your independence and create awesome memories with some of your favourite people.

While jetting off with a group of friends can be a dream come true, sometimes the trip can take a turn for the worst when unnecessary issues or friction arises. Renting a villa with your friends is a great way to relax and have fun in your own private surroundings; living, cooking, and sharing a pool together for days on end. But the simplest of mistakes can turn a fun group getaway into an awkward and stressful experience.

For a problem-free holiday with your friends, we’re sharing our key tips of what not to do!

Don’t let money issues arise

Hopefully, paying for your holiday in advance was a pain-free task. Managing money with friends can sometimes be difficult if some members of the party are slow at meeting payment deadlines or frequently borrow money and neglect to pay it back.

Before you leave for your holiday, ensure you all understand and agree how any bills/deposits are to be split. If renting a villa, it’s best to all put a certain of money in a pot to use for drink, food and other essentials. Keep a record of all money exchanges so no one gets confused or upset if they believe they’re unfairly out of pocket.

Don’t control the group’s schedule

It’s great to have some sort of plan or itinerary ahead of your holiday so you know what to expect and waste no time planning while you’re out there. However, if you are in charge of putting plans together, don’t expect everyone in the group to want to follow through to every detail.

Compromise with activities and lead the schedule as a recommendation – not as a regimented itinerary! Share ideas and assume, unless pre-paid, plans can be changed depending on everyone’s mood.

Don’t expect to spend every second together 

When you’re practically doing everything as a group, from sharing a taxi to sleeping in the same room, it can be easy to start snapping at each other.

Encourage the party to split into sub-groups when appropriate so you can mix with different people. If you do leave as a separate group, be considerate (especially when returning from a night out in the early hours!) and always let everyone know where you’re heading off to. That way, you can always regroup later.

Don’t use without asking

The same applies at home – from siblings to university roommates, this issue is common for people sharing a room or house! On a friends group holiday, it’s likely you all packed together to ensure nothing was needlessly duplicated. Always ask before you use – if you end up squeezing the last of someone’s sun cream, they won’t be best pleased if it was specific to their skin requirements and not easy to replace!

Don’t avoid chores

Don’t rely on the ‘clean’ one in the group to do all the tidying up. Although you’re away from home, the same rules apply! Clean after yourself and help each other to make sure no arguments are fuelled by messy, inconsiderate friends in the group. The same applies for relying on the ‘responsible’ one in the group having to deal with all the paperwork and plans – help each other out!

Don’t ignore your limits

A group of friends on holiday are expected to let loose, but if you’re planning on drinking alcohol throughout your trip, know your limit! A holiday can quickly take a turn for the worst if someone in the party becomes too intoxicated. Have fun but stay safe, especially if you’re in the sun or sea.

Don’t hold a grudge

Arguments may happen and if they do, clear the air and let it go. A dispute is rarely worth holding a grudge for and ruining the rest of the trip for the whole group. Let some time pass, then talk it out and make up.

Don’t leave anyone behind

The moment you arrive at your holiday destination, you should be looking out for each other as a group. No matter if you’re out enjoying local nightlife or exploring nearby towns in the daylight, make sure you’re all safe. Never leave anyone behind!

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