Top tips: How to prepare for a ski/snowboard holiday

Top tips: How to prepare for a ski/snowboard holiday

Whether you’re jetting off for your first ski/snowboard holiday abroad, or returning to your favourite snowy destination for a scenic getaway in the mountains, being prepared early-on will ensure a stress-free break from start to finish.

To help you have the best snow-filled holiday possible, we’ve compiled our top tips for preparing for a ski/snowboard break!

Beginners: borrow don’t buy!

Your first ski/snowboard holiday can be an incredible experience and create unforgettable memories! But just in case you find the sports just aren’t for you, it’s best to borrow equipment rather than buy it for the trip.

Whether you borrow from a friend or family member, using pre-owned clothing and equipment could save you a significant amount of money in the long-run if you find yourself unlikely to use it again. If you do need to buy, go for second hand.

It’s also a good idea to practice and get fit before you hit the slopes on your holiday – indoor ski slopes are a great way to practice in the run up to your trip.

If you’re planning on renting ski/snowboard equipment, it’s best to pre-book as far ahead as possible for the best deal.

Pack with equipment in mind

As with any holiday, it’s always best to pack with a checklist to avoid forgetting something on your travels. Check your passport is in date and your travel documents are all accurate before you leave home.

Remember to weigh your suitcase before you leave the house – luggage allowance is normally 20 kilos per person but this varies depending on who you’re flying with. Many charter airlines charge of excess baggage and ski/snowboard equipment – check in advance in case this needs to be pre-booked!


Compare and book winter sports health insurance cover to protect yourself and your family. An unexpected injury can quickly ruin a holiday if insurance wasn’t in place or booked correctly.

Multi-trip travel insurance can also save you a significant amount of money in the long-run if you’re a frequent skier or snowboarder – ensure you are carrying the correct documentation on arrival to your destination.

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows you to access state-provided healthcare in all European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Switzerland at a reduced cost or sometimes free of charge. The card is also free of charge – so sign up before your travels!

Plan ahead

Check the snow report and weather forecast of your holiday destination in advance so you know what to expect. Have back-up plans in place if you can’t hit the slopes so you’re not left disappointed!

Stay safe

While it’s important to have fun on your ski/snowboard holiday, always remember to protect yourself from the elements! Extreme cold and intense sun can cause health problems if ignored. Ensure every member of your holiday party is wearing the appropriate clothing, using the correct safety equipment and applying sun cream liberally when exposed.

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