Top tips: How to overcome homesickness on holiday

Top tips: How to overcome homesickness on holiday

Whether you’re jetting off for a group holiday with friends or to spend some quality time with your family, it’s easy to become homesick. Feeling hugely separated from the people and places you see everyday and the daily routine you’re used to is perfectly normal – but it doesn’t have to ruin your holiday!

It’s healthy to enjoy some time alone and to break routine in a new and exciting place, even if you feel anxious at the start of your adventure.

Check out our top tips on how to overcome homesickness on your holiday…

Bring home with you

It’s not unusual for people to take something sentimental from home on holiday with them. Whether this be a photo of your family (or pet!), a toy, cushion or blanket (this works for children particularly), having an item from home can be extremely comforting.

If you’re renting a villa on your holiday, it’s easy to make your home from home feel familiar! A family photo inside the villa, or treats from home in your kitchen, can make a huge difference.

Embrace Wi-Fi

Many of us are wary of using our mobile phones abroad, with uncertainties around roaming charges and receiving an unexpectedly large bill on return.

Check if your accommodation or a nearby café has internet access/Wifi so you can message home (Skype is great!) free of charge. Schedule a time to call home so you know your call will get answered and take into account if you’re in a different time zone.

Find a distraction

Once you find yourself feeling homesick, it’s easy to become absorbed by the feeling. It’s important to distract yourself, be active and keep busy. If you’re short of plans, be spontaneous and explore somewhere nearby.

If possible, do something familiar to what you enjoy doing at home – whether you’re an avid swimmer, walker or shopper! Take advantage of your new surroundings.

Share your thoughts

Don’t feel embarrassed about feeling homesick! Share how you’re feeling with someone else and they should help distract you and remind you why you made the journey in the first place.

Similarly, if someone else confides in you that they’re missing home, help distract them and get back into enjoying your break together.

Document your trip

A great way to overcome feeling homesick is to document your trip. This can be done through writing a diary, travel blog, recording a vlog or sending a letter or postcard home. Not only will this keep you occupied, but also allow you to share the memories you’re making.

Starting a travel blog is a great idea if you plan on travelling regularly – you can store all your experiences abroad in one neat place and even write guides and tips for fellow explorers along the way.

Meet new people

Meeting new people is a fantastic distraction from homesickness. While you’re bound to talk about where you’re from, sharing a conversation about your home and journey is a much better way to express how you’re feeling. Be proactive; explore the area and be open to turn strangers into friends!

Be patient

If you find yourself feeling a bit down and missing home, being patient is key to feeling better. Remember you’re not alone – lots of people become anxious in new surroundings for days or weeks at a time, especially if it’s for the first time – but it will pass!

If you’re missing home, it’s important to embrace the feeling instead – it shows what a great place you will be returning to after your adventures. Keep a positive attitude and you’ll soon find yourself dreading they journey home!

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