How to ensure easy and stress-free holiday car rental

How to ensure easy and stress-free holiday car rental

Renting a car on your holiday opens you up to spontaneous exploring and adventure. Whether you’re travelling alone or in a group, having your own car means you can discover a variety of attractions, cultures and places, creating fantastic memories along the way. But some of us are wary of doing so, with seemingly tight regulations, alleged rising costs and some rental companies demanding huge amounts of paperwork for the simplest of rentals.

But it doesn’t have to be stressful! With the freedom to explore, ease of an empty boot for your travel luggage and excitement of discovering all things new, car hire is a brilliant option, especially for families. Here are some top tips for easy and stress-free car rental on your holiday:

It may be boring, but read the small print

It’s important to always check exactly what’s provided in your car rental quote and check this remains the same on your final payment. You must understand the fuel policy (normally you’re asked to return with a full tank) so you can prepare for your last day of rental. Leave plenty of time to return the car before leaving for the airport too in case there is a problem which takes time to solve. Check if cover for damage to the vehicle is included, as well as theft and injury or damage suffered by a third party.

Book through a trusted provider

The first and potentially most difficult hurdle of holiday car rental is choosing a trusted company with a good reputation. We’ve made it as easy and possible – simply head over to the Car Hire section of our page when booking your Travelopo break and browse the options of trusted providers for your destination and arrival/departure times. It’s best to arrange this as early as possible, especially if you’re travelling at peak holiday time – it can save you hundreds of pounds.

Don’t rush – check for damage!

Before you drive off with your car rental, check for any bumps or scratches so you don’t end up paying for them on return. Take photos/videos as evidence if necessary and make sure to check the interior for damage too. Be honest if you do end up damaging the car – you’ll always be found out and a dispute will only make the issue worse!

Insurance and excess

Basic insurance cover is normally included in your car hire contract but check what this actually means when you collect the car! Check if your hire company charges a high excess which could result in you paying hundreds of pounds for tiny charges.

Get your gadgets sorted

It’s worth checking how much you may be charged if you want to rent a Sat-Nav with the car. Sat-Navs are great if you want to explore a specific place or venture off and remain assured you can find your way back to your villa, holiday homes or apartment! Some companies charge for this extra feature – as well as child seats, so make sure you’re covered. Bring your own gadgets or ensure you’ve budgeted for this on arrival.

Abide by the rules

Stick to the speed limit, park and stop appropriately and always ensure all passengers are wearing a seatbelt. Safety is paramount in and out of your holiday rental, and car hire is no exception!

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