How to survive an early morning flight

How to survive an early morning flight

Rise and shine! At 3am, you’re probably not feeling overly perky. Even with your holiday only a matter of hours’ away, you’d still rather have a couple more hours’ shut-eye than arise in darkness and lug your suitcase around. The perks of no traffic on the roads, less queues at the airport and normally, a cheaper flight are forgotten in those first moments of awaking in the early hours.

While many of us book a hotel stay near the airport for the night before departure, for many of us that isn’t a feasible option, and saving those extra pennies can be seriously handy when it comes to spending during your break! Doing as little as possible in the early hours is the best way to ensure your day of travelling is smooth, pain-free – and even enjoyable! After all, you are going on holiday!

Without turning to coffee or manically counting sheep the night before, there are a few ways to make an early flight bearable – check out our 4 top tips for pre-dawn flight survival!

1- Be prepared & power through

It’s always a good idea to pack before the day of your holiday and with an early flight, packing even two days before can avoid unnecessary stress and hassle at sunrise! Roll your clothes or use vacuum compression bags to stop your items creasing or taking up too much room. Have your travelling clothes ready and ensure they’re comfortable and easy to move around in.

Make sure to weigh your bags before you leave the house too – baggage allowance is normally 20 kilos per person, but this depends on who you’re travelling with.  Check your luggage is clearly labelled and secured. Getting these small tasks out the way will make your departure morning so much easier!

2- Embrace the list

As with packing your suitcase, starting off with a list is the best way to ensure nothing gets forgotten! Double check your travelling times (including transfers), have all important documents together, make sure any necessary paperwork such as car hire information is printed and DON’T forget your passport!

3- Work it out!

Try and wear yourself out the night before your flight, whether it be a gym visit or small walk around the park. By tiring yourself out, and showering/ taking a bath before you go to bed, you’re more likely to fall asleep at a reasonable time and get a few good hours of shut-eye (around six is ideal). Of course – this also means avoiding caffeine the night before your flight too – drink lots of water instead. The last thing you want to do is fall asleep late in the evening and end up sleeping through your alarm! Set a few back-up alarms and change the sound or volume of your alarm if you’re particularly anxious about this happening.

4- Enjoy the flight!

Once you’re finally in your plane seat, the chances are it’s still early for a burst of energy and celebration that your holiday has commenced. Make sure to bring some headphones, inflatable pillow and snack to make the first part of your journey as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Sleep, sleep sleep – in the shuttle bus, airport and on the plane if you can – getting a couple of hours of sleep is sure to get you back to feeling normal and hyped for your holiday!

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