How to spend less but have more fun on your family holiday

How to spend less but have more fun on your family holiday

Family holidays can create incredible memories through spending quality-time together around the clock. But despite the pressure to keep everyone happy and entertained (especially the kids!), you don’t have to spend a fortune to have an amazing time. That’s why we’ve compiled our top tips on how to spend less but have more fun on your family break!

Pre-book and check for deals

Holiday attractions, from theme parks and zoos to museums and historical monuments, often offer discounts or special offers throughout the year. Research before you leave in case you’re able to secure a good deal. Family deals (normally two adults with two children) normally save you some money but it’s worth checking for a better rate!

Embrace the beach

Staying close to a beach (walking distance is ideal!) is a great way to ensure your whole family is entertained for whole days at a time – without forking out for extra costs. You can save even more money by shopping at a local supermarket and making your own picnic to take to the beach (although ice-creams on the beach are a must!)

Explore on foot

Encourage your family to walk and explore the area you’re in. There’s bound to be some landmarks or interesting places to visit nearby which don’t necessarily need to be reached by car, bus or taxi!

If you plan sightseeing geographically, you can spend a day walking around various sights, returning to your accommodation without spending a penny on group transport. You can entice your kids into walking by giving them a camera to document the trip.

Rent a villa

While it’s completely natural for your family to want to venture to local restaurants and cafes for a taste of local food, renting a villa means you’re likely to spend far less money at mealtimes. With the option of cooking a meal yourself after a trip to a local supermarket, you aren’t pressured into spending money three times a day.

You can also spend a day or more enjoying your own pool – a day of fun and activities without spending an extra penny! Inflatables take up close to no room in your suitcase but can lead to hours of enjoyment.

Check your phone tariff

Using your phone abroad is handy when it comes to taking a quick holiday snap or entertaining the kids with a game, but returning to a huge phone bill is a nasty surprise! Check the data roaming terms and conditions with your provider before you leave.

Perhaps one adult in the party could commit to using their phone for data – putting your phone on ‘airplane’ mode for the trip is the best bet, unless there’s an emergency. Alternatively, bring a ‘pay as you go’ mobile phone so you know exactly how much you’re spending everyday.

Avoid exchanging money

Exchange your money into the correct currency before you leave, so you can compare exchange rates and find the best deal for you. It’s often better to avoid using your debit/credit card abroad too, but if you want to, check the charges beforehand to avoid hidden costs.

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