How to make the most of your holiday villa

How to make the most of your holiday villa

There are countless perks to renting your own private holiday villa; including the privacy, freedom and lack of queuing in communal spaces to name a few!

Check out our quick guide on how to really make the most of your holiday villa!

Cook local cuisine

Without the need to splash out on meals three times a day, you can truly immerse yourself in the culture around you and stock up on local ingredients at a nearby supermarket. Why not try out a local recipe and dine around the pool with your holiday party?

You never know, you may end up bringing home some great meal ideas and exotic flavours! Self-catering also saves you a lot of money, so you can spend elsewhere on your travels.

Become a host during your stay

If you hear a friend is in the nearby area, or make friends with a local during your stay, why not invite them back to your villa for drinks around the pool? With no space limitations, you can become the perfect host in your home away from home. You’re sure to feel more like a local than a tourist by hosting your own dinner instead of dining in a nearby restaurant.

Be spontaneous

In your private villa, you’re free to come and go as you please. A midnight dip in the pool? Why not! An early morning BBQ? Go for it! Don’t feel restricted in your villa – your schedule is up to you entirely so embrace the freedom.

Embrace the shade

You can stay happy and healthy in your holiday villa with easy access to drinks, food and shade. A holiday can be quickly ruined by sunstroke or dehydration– these can easily be avoided in the luxury of your private accommodation.

Stock up on drinks early-on and enjoy pure relaxation in your temporary home, making the most of the nearby shade in your spacious, private indoor areas.

Entertain the kids

A holiday villa is fantastic for those looking for a fun getaway with children. With your own pool, you can make up your own games to keep the kids entertained for hours and stay reassured of their safety in your private accommodation.

If you’re planning a first holiday for a younger child, him/her waking up in the early hours is not a problem either! While it’s natural for you to want to venture out and explore the area, you can also embrace the privacy you can return to and spend quality family time together.

*Pictured: The 6-bedroom Villa Quiros 2 in Puerto Pollenca, Llenaire, Spain*

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