How to make the most of travelling alone

How to make the most of travelling alone

Travelling the world alone is an exhilarating adventure. Whether you’re jetting off for a holiday solo or travelling across the globe for weeks on end, you’re sure to come away with fantastic memories and insights into different cultures, places and the people who live in them.

If you’re travelling alone for the first time, it can be very daunting when it actually comes down to leaving home on your own! But it’s important to truly make the most of travelling alone – and here’s how…

Make strangers become friends

When you have no one beside you to strike a conversation with, whether it be on a long-haul plane flight or stroll through a foreign town, you’ll find yourself wanting to communicate with those around you more than ever.

Travelling alone forces you to speak to strangers and meet people you would most likely otherwise never meet. Meeting fellow travellers also means you can share tips (where you had some delicious food perhaps!) and make recommendations (which areas to avoid).

Make the most of travelling alone by reaching out confidently and talking to those around you.

Explore freely

Travelling with family or friends definitely has its perks – but sometimes you can become trapped in someone else’s regimented itinerary. Travelling alone means you have complete freedom. You can explore, eat and drink where and when you want and be spontaneous without changing anyone else’s plans.

Make the most of this freedom by exploring the most unusual places around you – places your friends would probably not include in a group schedule!

Document your travels

Travelling alone leaves lots of time for documenting your adventures!  Without the distraction of friends or family, you can write a travel diary, blog or vlog whenever you wish. You can stop whenever you want to write a page or film some scenery without slowing a group down.

Do your own thing

While travelling is all about adventuring into unknown places, by doing so alone means you can take a break whenever you want. If one day you want to simply lounge on a popular beach with a book from home, you can! Without the pressure of someone else’s schedule, bucket list or expectations, you can do simply what you like, with total flexibility.

Spend what you like

In a group, you can easily become pressured into spending far more money than you intended – whether it be by splitting a huge restaurant bill or buying unnecessary merchandise as a group souvenir. Travelling alone allows you to decide what you really want to spend your money on.

If you’re on a budget, make the most of only thinking of yourself! If you want to splash out – buy what you want, when you want!

Enjoy the serenity

It’s very difficult to have an argument with yourself! Travelling alone means no drama, group squabbles, picking sides or tension if people in the group do fall out. Make the most of being alone and becoming more confident in yourself as the days go on.

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