How to keep your kids entertained on holiday

How to keep your kids entertained on holiday

Holidays with the whole family create unforgettable memories. As a child, flying to a different country is incredibly exciting – but once you’ve arrived and settled in, sometimes it can be difficult to keep the kids entertained around the clock.

Renting a villa is a great way to give your children freedom and fun on a holiday abroad. No matter where you stay, if you plan ahead, you can ensure you don’t spend hours of your days trying to think of ways to excite kids who can get bored easily.

Here are a few handy tips on how to keep your kids happy and entertained during your family break.

Share your plans

While it’s obviously up to the adults to book (and pay!) for your family holiday, sharing your plans is a great way to keep the kids involved. Looking at maps together and talking about your destination gives them a chance to share their own ideas – they may help put together a fun family itinerary!

Give them a camera

Giving your children a camera to take a few snaps on is a great way to keep them entertained. If you trust them with a digital (waterproof) camera, they can take as many photos of their surroundings as they want – creating memories through the eyes of a youngster! Perhaps the best (and safest!) way is to purchase a few disposable cameras for them to have fun with.

Let them choose an activity

While it’s great to have an itinerary or pre-set plans on your family holiday, it’s a good idea to give your kids a chance to speak out and make a decision about what you should do together. Perhaps give them three options so whatever the decision, you know it’s doable and affordable.

Learn the language

Whether you fancy investing in a beginners’ guide language book or downloading a smart phone app, learning the basics of your destination’s language is a fun way to spend some time with your children. This also encourages them to understand the new culture and order a drink if you venture into a nearby town!


Sticking to the airport’s luggage maximum weight can be tricky with children. Adding extra weight by packing games to keep the kids entertained can make the task even more difficult. A pack of cards, of even ‘I Spy’ are great alternatives, depending on their ages. An inflatable ball takes up little luggage space but is a foundation for countless games in a villa pool/the sea!

If you do plan on bringing a smart phone/tablet which your child enjoys playing games on, make sure to bring a charger and adapter. With the reflective screens, this is also a great way to encourage them to spend some time out in the shade. Purchasing a brand new book before arrival is also likely to hold their attention for a while.

Spread out activities

It’s great to be prepared and have activities lined up for your family holiday. The best way to ensure your kids are entertained throughout is to spread out activities. Even trips to the beach can ensure no one gets bored – a swim in the sea can be a couple of hours apart from exploring rock pools if there’s space to relax and eat in between.

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