How to beat the January blues: 5 great places to escape to after Christmas

How to beat the January blues: 5 great places to escape to after Christmas

Once the tree, tinsel and fairy lights have been packed away, the joyous Christmas spirit can quickly leave us all feeling deflated. To help you avoid suffering from the dreaded January blues, we’ve compiled a list of five of our favourite destinations to escape to once the festivities have finished!

1. Malta

The small island of Malta is the perfect winter destination with temperatures averaging 18C in January. It has become an increasingly popular holiday resort in recent years, due to its stunning beaches and wide range of attractions.

Offering around seven hours of sunshine a day in January, you can easily relax your way into the New Year and reminisce about your Christmas celebrations.

2. Ibiza

The gorgeous Spanish island of Ibiza is a popular destination for those looking to dance away their January blues! But those seeking a relaxed break within the Balearic Islands can also flock to Ibiza – as it’s also known for its calming, quiet bays and tranquil waters.

It’s the perfect mix between lively nightlife and pure relaxation. With a beautiful climate all-year long, Ibiza is a great escape to when Christmas comes to an end.

3. Greece

A Grecian getaway is sure to remedy your January blues. Become immersed in the fascinating Greek culture by visiting the Butterfly Valley of Petaloudes, Acropolis or Meteora.

Explore the castle in the large town of Rethymnon for a fascinating day out. Whatever fills your itinerary is sure to distract you from missing the Christmas holiday!

4. France

While it can be tempting to jet off to France and visit the most popular tourist attractions in the country’s capital, exploring further than the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral or Arc de Trimphe is a must!

Escape the post-Christmas blues by indulging in delicious French cuisine and visiting lesser known places, such as The Wall of Love, in Montmartre, Paris and the Gorges du Tarn, close to the city of Millau. An escape to France is not weather-dependant; there is far too much to explore indoors on a rainy day!

5. Croatia

The beautiful Mediterranean sunspot of Croatia is an ideal winter destination for anyone left feeling deflated when Christmas passes. Visit one of the thousand islands off of the Croatian coastline – such as Hva, Vis or Krk to indulge in the Croatian culture.

Explore Croatia’s northwestern capital, Zagreb, on a fun tram-ride and trace the city’s history in the 17th century Convent of the Clares. Stroll through one of the hundreds of idyllic fishing villages scattered along the Dalmation Coast. Become lost in the beauty of Croatia to avoid those January blues!

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