6 trips you have to take with friends

6 trips you have to take with friends

Going on holiday with friends is a fantastic experience! Exploring a new part of the world with some of your favourite people is sure to create some special – and comedic – memories. Whether your group’s seeking a heavenly spa break or more of an action-packed adventure, there are a handful of great holiday ideas to pursue.

You’ve seen their best and worst sides, so you’re ready to deal with any airport stress or sun-burn dramas! You’re comfortable enough to share clothes and help apply sun-cream. You can snap at each other and make up within minutes and ensure they’re only getting your best side in the mandatory beach-selfies.

Holidaying with friends is a brilliant way to let off some steam and try out something new in a tight-knit group, whether it be local cuisine or an extreme sport!

From party-hard breaks to scenic hiking adventures, check out our top 6 trips to take with friends and choose where your next escape will take you and the gang!

1- Mischief in Magaluf

For those seeking a sunny, non-stop party scene way after sunset, a holiday to Magaluf, on the beautiful Balearic island of Mallorca, is a must. This major holiday resort is well known for its lively atmosphere, excellent clubbing scene and beach parties until the early hours.

The Magaluf strip is the buzzing hub of the island for nighttime adventures and dining – but the island isn’t just for partygoers! You’ll find some stunning beaches for those quieter moments and pretty port towns to explore under the Spanish rays too.

2- Lanzarote beach bliss

Sun, sea and sand… some of us simply want to kick back and relax on our group holiday, perhaps with a little exploring and adventure mixed in on the side! Spain’s Canary Island of Lanzarote is a beach paradise; offering a diversity of sun-drenched, sandy spots to top up your tan.

This incredible island, born of volcanic eruptions, also offers some fantastic watersports for when a dip in the waters is desired. Stock up on your sun-cream, find your trendiest glasses and lay out your beach towel – your beach bliss escape in Lanzarote is sure to please the whole gang!

3- Exploring Turkey

Avid explorers should head to Turkey for an unforgettable adventure; the crossroads between mainland Europe and the Middle East. The country is a cultural wonder with several fantastic UNESCO World Heritage sites and a great diversity of cities and landscapes.

You can fill the gang’s holiday itinerary with island and mountain adventures and visit its array of beautiful historic buildings and monuments. From its ski slopes to its azure, Mediterranean waters, there’s plenty to explore here, particularly in the cosmopolitan capital of Ankara.

4- Hiking sun-seekers

For those who desire a holiday hike, the Canary Island’s largest island is a dream destination. Mountainous Tenerife, off West Africa, offers a brilliant diversity of exhilarating hiking and smooth walking trails.

The sunny island is largely dominated by Mount Teide, its dormant volcano and Spain’s tallest peak. The imposing Mount Teide rises over 3,700 metres above sea level from a large volcanic depression located at an altitude of 2,000 metres. A visit to Teide National Park is a must, where you and your friends can gaze over a breath-taking landscape of volcanoes, craters and rivers of petrified lava on guided walks.

5- Underwater adventures

What better way to create some unforgettable memories than by exploring seabeds on holiday with your friends? Crete, Greece’s largest island, is ideal for snorkelling due to its warm water temperatures (in summer particularly, from 22*C to 27*C), clear waters, rocky sea beds and most important of all – fantastic variety of fish and sea-plants, including starfish and eels! The south coast of Crete is particularly popular for those looking to spot interesting sealife.

As one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, Crete is sure to satisfy the gang both in and out of the water, with its stunning beaches, picturesque villages, ancient ruins and even snow-capped mountains!

6- Hungry holiday-foodies

Aside from its magnificent art and architecture, iconic gondola rides, magical cities and stunning Amalfi Coast, Italy is all about the food. If you and the gang love to sample mouth-watering dishes under the sun, Europe’s beautiful boot is the place to be.

A holiday-foodie’s dream, Italy boasts its world-famous pizza, pasta and pesto – the authentic, overpoweringly delicious kind! With more than 300 types of pasta, a huge diversity of sauces and recipes depending on the region and of course, sparkling prosecco on every corner, the Italian cuisine will be a tasty highlight of your Italian break.

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