6 ways to avoid airport stress

6 ways to avoid airport stress

Love or hate it, the airport can be pretty unavoidable if you’re planning a holiday to certain destinations. While it’s incredibly convenient to fly, getting to and through the airport can feel more of a burden and pain on your break.

From running late to last-minute passport panic, there are a handful of issues which can be avoided – including using the now popular option to check-in online a day prior to flying.

To help you eliminate airport stress and allow your trip to run as smoothly as possible, check out our top 6 ways to avoid airport hassle and focus on getting your holiday started!

1- Plan, plan, plan

Organisation is key. Set back-up alarms for the morning of your flight and pack all luggage the day before – ensuring everything will pass check-in and security. If necessary, stay at a hotel near the airport the night before your flight and check your transfers are running on time – contact the company if you’re becoming concerned and the lateness could affect you flying! Pre-book car parking if necessary and leave enough time to book your car in before checking in.

Double check your transfers and flight times, check your airline updates and timetables, arrive early (check your airline’s recommendations on arrivals depending on flight-lengths) and allow plenty of time for unexpected delays. A checklist of your travel itinerary can be a priceless beacon of guidance on departure day!

2- Easy access

“I can’t find my passport” – the dreaded words which can easily be avoided by keeping all important travel documents handy and secure!

Ensure your passport, boarding pass, insurance, VISA paperwork and any transfers/car hire information is kept together safety on your person. And of course, check your passport (and everyone in your travel party) hasn’t expired well before your holiday!

3- Weigh your luggage

Unzipping your suitcase to shuffle clothes and underwear between your travel party’s luggage is never a good look! Pack smart and weigh your luggage before leaving home so you can relax when it comes to checking in. Baggage allowance is normally 20 kilos per person, but this depends on who you’re flying with. Many charter airlines charge for excess baggage and equipment (e.g. golf clubs) so remember to weigh your suitcase to avoid unwanted extra charges.

Getting through security is a stressful part of the airport journey for many, so keep up-to-date with your airline’s security measures to avoid something being confiscated needlessly.

4- Keep the kids happy

If you’re travelling with kids, the initial excitement of exploring the airport can soon wear off! Talk them through the dos and don’ts of airport etiquette before you arrive and bring items from home to distract them.

Don’t sit around for too long, it’s better for everyone to stretch their legs and have a wander to avoid cramp. Comfort is really important when it comes to killing time in an airport – ensure you’re dressed comfortably and have an inflatable pillow if you plan getting some shut-eye.

5- Exchange currency beforehand

Having your holiday spending money ready in the right currency is another task which can easily be ticked off your list! Sorting this before your day of flying allows you enough time to search for the best exchange rate and helps you avoid the chance of queuing at the airport’s bureau de change.

6- Expect the unexpected

While you can be the most organised person in the airport on the day of your flight, it’s still important to expect the unexpected! Be prepared for delays, cancellations, gate changes and queues.

You can check the traffic news and up-to-date weather forecast and still be thrown by an unavoidable issue on arrival. Don’t be scared to ask for help, the airline is there to serve you after all! Try and embrace the airport buzz and treat yourself while you wait to board the flight.


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