7 reasons why Lisbon is a fantastic city

7 reasons why Lisbon is a fantastic city

The hilly, historical and coastal city of Lisbon is a brilliant holiday destination year-round! Whether you dream of staying in the buzzing Portuguese capital, or planning on visiting the city during your getaway, there are plenty of attractions and activities to fill your holiday itinerary.

A romantic escape, jam-packed family break or adventurous trip for the ultimate ‘me-time’ exploring a new and exciting city, sun-kissed Lisbon ticks all the boxes. With its warm Mediterranean climate, you’re the promised the desirable combination of sun-drenched tranquility, and a good selection of historic and cultural attractions (not to mention the buzzing nightlife on offer across more than 250 bars and clubs).

Make 2017 one to remember and book your Lisbon city break today! Need convincing? Check out our top 7 reasons why we love the city of Lisbon…

1)    Magnificent museums

There are a huge variety of museums to explore on your Lisbon holiday. The city is notably home to the popular museum Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, located in the civil parish of Avenidas Nocas. The Portugese museum contains fascinating exhibits dating from 2000BC to the early 20th century. As one of Europe’s leading fine arts museums, it’s a great place to spend a couple of hours admiring artwork, robes, tiles, glassware and more.

2)    Belém Tower

Belém Tower, located in the civil parish of Santa Maria de Belém in the municipality of Lisbon, is a must-see on your holiday here. The impressive 16th century tower is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and popular monument in the city flocked to by many tourists! Jutting out of the waterfront, the tower is one of the city’s most famous tourist attractions.

3)    Gorgeous climate

Lisbon, lying in the western Iberian Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean, enjoys glorious sunshine around 290 days a year, with an average temperature of 24*C in summer. You’ll catch up to 12 hours of sunshine every day staying in the city over the summer months, so find your perfect sun-bathing spot, kick back and relax! With long, hot summers, pleasant springs and autumns and moderately mild winters, you can see a different side to the city, and marvel at their distinct offerings, every season.

4)    Rua Augusta Arch

Lisbon also boasts its stone, triumphal Rua Augusta Arch, a cultural attraction which provides a stunning view overlooking the Portuguese city. Visitors can explore inside the impressive arch and learn about its history and sculptures at the top of the monument.

5)    Stunning beaches

Lisbon’s beautiful coastline boasts many gorgeous beaches for the ultimate blissful relaxation. From lively, family-friendly beaches, such as Praia do Guincho on the westward facing side of the Lisbon coastline, to quieter, secluded sandy spots, such as Portinho da Arrábida, ideal for romantic retreats – there’s a dream beach for everyone.

With the Atlantic Ocean on one side, you can make the most of the great sailing and surfing spots too!

6)    Monsanto Forest Park

Lisbon also boasts some of the most charming parks in the world! The popular Monsanto Forest Park is the perfect place for a relaxed picnic on your Portuguese break, sampling the city’s delicious, local cuisine. The park is a large wooded area – and in fact, the largest green patch in the city, ideal for nature-lovers and those who desire a little outdoor fun away from the hustle and bustle of Lisbon’s streets. Check out what’s on during your holiday, with the park hosting a variety of events throughout the year, from concerns to fairs.

In fact, while a popular city break with its diversity of attractions, Lisbon is actually a relatively quiet destination in many areas, a city devoid of cars, scattered with sleepy stairs and streets, ideal for meandering under the rays…

7)    The number 28 tram

A visit to Lisbon simply wouldn’t be complete without a ride on the city’s number 28 tram. The classic yellow tram takes visitors through the city districts, including Baixa and Alfama. The tram boasts the longest route in Lisbon and is a popular tourist attraction itself – taking you to other attractions scattered throughout the city!

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