11 ways to keep busy on a long-haul flight

11 ways to keep busy on a long-haul flight

Nothing quite kills the excitement of your holiday than 6+ hours on the plane! Love or hate them, they’re normally mandatory for you to reach certain destinations from home. With some of us facing flights of over 20 hours, time can suddenly seem to go veeeery slowly as you take off – even if you start a game of I-spy!

Confined in a relatively small space, it’s a great idea to prepare a ‘survival kit’ beforehand and keep yourself distracted for as long as possible to make the time pass quickly.

Make sure you’re dressed comfortably for the flight – stilettos and tight fitted clothes are a no-go – and if possible, pre-book your preferred seat, if you’d like the window view or can see some provide more leg room than others.

You don’t need to dread the lengthy journey – instead, check out our 11 ways to keep busy on a long-haul flight:

1- In-flight entertainment

A potential perk of your long-haul flight is no doubt the in-flight entertainment – take advantage of any films on offer or catch up on your favourite boxset on your laptop/tablet. (Don’t assume your flight will have entertainment – be prepared with your own gadgets!) Make sure your devices are charged before flying and bring a charging device if possible to avoid draining your battery in the first half of your flight. Bring your own headphones to avoid an extra charge!

2- Get reading

A long-haul flight is the perfect time to read that book you’ve been meaning to open for months, catch up on your favourite magazine or browse the news.

3- Aisle exploring

After a couple of hours, you’re going to need to stretch your legs a bit to avoid cramp, keep the blood flowing and combat deep vein thrombosis. Make sure to walk up and down the aisle intermittently for the best chance of a comfortable journey.

4- Have a chat

Of course, it’s a lot easier to converse in conversation if you’re flying in a travel party, but there’s nothing stopping you from having a chat with your neighbours to help make the time pass. You never know – you may end up getting some handy travel tips or destination recommendations! Be conscious of whether the time is right to become an on-flight chatterbox though – keep quiet in the very late or very early hours.

5- Capture the clouds

We’ve all seen them – the ‘jetting off on holiday’ social media post with a photo of the plane’s wing amongst the clouds. Take advantage of our great quality phones and tablets and take a few snaps of the earth. (This is a lot easier if you’ve snagged a window seat!)

6- Treat yourself

You’re on holiday! Treat yourself from the in-flight magazine and food service. Eat the meals provided to keep your energy up and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated (although there’s nothing wrong with a celebratory alcoholic beverage!) Bring some of your favourite snacks on board for when you’re feeling peckish too.

7- Get app-savvy

In today’s digital world, there’s quite simply an app for everything. Download a handful of top rated apps before you fly and enjoy exploring them during the trip (many airlines now provide decent Wifi to passengers). Why not browse travel apps for tips, maps and recommendations?

8- Learn the lingo

Similarly, why not use the time and your phone wisely to learn a few foreign key phrases to suit the destination you’re headed to? There are plenty of apps available now offering easy language learning courses – why not learn with a fellow passenger and test each other?

9- Embrace the headphones

Great for listening to your favourite music, podcast, audiobook or simply blocking out the buzz of the airplane, your headphones are your best friend in the sky! For those easily agitated by the sounds of chatting passengers, crying babies and the plane’s whirring engine, noise-cancelling headphones are a must.

10-Fill your bucket-list

Travelling to your destination is a great time to get thinking about travel – why not start or add to your bucket-list with a friend? You can also spend the time going through your holiday itinerary or wish-list so you’re ready to get exploring on arrival.

11- Get some shut-eye

Last but not least, get some sleep! Bring a neck pillow, eye mask and blanket if necessary and drink some herbal tea if you’re having trouble nodding off. To land feeling fresh and excited about starting your holiday, it’s a good idea to try and snooze for some of the flight at least.

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