6 fun ways to document your holiday

6 fun ways to document your holiday

Say cheese! Not too long ago, the disposable camera was the most popular holiday accessory. Many still root for the chunky cameras instead of going digital. They definitely give you that ‘holiday-feeling’ and are a fun pick-me-up when it comes to developing your snaps during your post-holiday blues!

But now, we have the luxury of great quality digital cameras, smart phones offering ‘live photo’ shooting, waterproof tablets and Bluetooth selfie sticks to help capture those special moments on holiday. We can video our own skydives, pose with sharks and take a crowd-selfie completely struggle-free.

In a digital world, where it’s now the norm to share your photos and tell the world what you’ve been up to on your break via social media, there are a handful of other creative ways to document your travels. In fact, it’s estimated around 60% of millennials post their travel plans online – let alone their actual daily snaps when abroad!

We love hearing all about your holiday memories (just check out the Travelopo social media channels, we’re constantly sharing bloggers travel snaps!). Don’t feel the need to ditch the disposable, but why not try out a few of these 6 creative ways to document your holiday?

1- Back to basics – the scrapbook!

A scrapbook is a brilliant, bespoke way of collecting your holiday memories and displaying them creatively. Whether you prefer to collect bus tickets, foreign stamps and currency or receipts, your scrapbook can be a fun group effort with your family or travelling party! A collage of physical memories mixed with photos can create a wonderful collage to look back on in years to come. Postcards are a great way to start – why not send one home to yourself?

2- Get sketchy

Those artistically talented (and those perhaps less-so!) can go down the sketchbook route and capture their favourite landscapes and holiday spots! Young children are sure to enjoy the task of filling a holiday sketchbook too, documenting those memorable moments by pencil, pen or paint.

3- Dear diary…

Many of us are already using Snapchat, Facebook Live and other social channels to live-video stream parts of our holiday antics, but why not take the less digital, old-school route and write a diary during your adventures? From scribbling down local cuisine recipes to recalling funny family memories, a paper journal is a great way to hold onto those personal moments away from home. A travel blog is another fantastic way to review, recommend and impart wisdom on your holiday destination and itinerary too (particularly if you prefer writing via laptop or tablet!)

4- Lights, camera action – vlog-it!

For those seeking video memories, vlogging is a brilliant alternative to putting pen to paper. You don’t even have to be that digitally-savvy to video and collate your holiday streams – many smart phones and digital cameras now offer easy recording, editing and sharing. Why not make a collage of short snaps of your break and share the best bits of your holiday? The ‘1 second everyday’ concept is popular now, where you can use certain phone apps to record just one second of your holiday each day and merge them together for a fun, quirky clip.

5- Get magnetic – your fridge’s best accessory

Another golden-oldie – the holiday collection of fridge magnets! Simple but effective, your collection of magnets can map out some of your favourite destinations. If you’re not keen on magnets pinning a scratch map to your fridge is a brilliant alternative, offering a pretty, visual indication of where you’ve travelled and where you’re yet to seek adventure!

6- Holiday mascot!

From teddy bears to flags, you can pretty much bring anything quirky from home and turn it into a mascot! Carry your travel buddy on your travels and make sure to take one picture of him/her/it in every new destination. Having a holiday mascot is a really fun way to piece together where you’ve travelled – and keep the kids happy as they hunt for the best shot!

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