5 reasons to holiday to Malaysia

5 reasons to holiday to Malaysia

The south-east Asian country of Malaysia is a fantastic country to visit all-year round, split over two landmasses, divided by the South China Sea and encircled by gorgeous islands.

The country is home to a variety of cultures and religions, natural beauties, historic and modern architecture and delicious cuisine. Steeped in history, Malaysia also offers a fantastic modern day and nightlife experience, with countless markets and shopping malls (arguably one of the best shopping destinations in the world!)

Check out our top five reasons to choose Malaysia as your next holiday destination!

1. Its fantastic capital

Kuala Lumpur, the national capital of Malaysia as well as its largest city, is a fantastic reason to visit this beautiful country. The vibrant and exotic city boasts impressive, gleaming skyscrapers, historic architecture and fantastic attractions to fill your Malaysia holiday itinerary.

The city’s modern skyline is renowned for its landmark Petronas Twin Towers; twin skyscrapers and a hugely popular tourist attraction in the country. The towers house 29 double-decker high-speed passenger lifts for visitors to travel in to the upper zones. The monument soars to over 450 metres high as an 88-storey structure – they’re impossible to miss! Kuala Lumpur is also home to another iconic tall monument, the Kuala Lumpur Tower, a 421 metres high telecommunications and broadcasting tower.

Families are sure to enjoy the Aquaria KLCC oceanarium located beneath Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in the city, showcasing over 5,000 different exhibits of aquatic and land creatures.

2. Mouth-watering cuisine

Quite simply, Malaysia is a food paradise! The country’s delicious cuisine is inspired by its international influence, including Chinese, Indian and Malay. Popular dishes here include roro canai, a dish of rice steamed with coconut milk, laksa, a spice noodle soup and Malaysian satay, a dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat.

Sweet-toothed visitors are sure to enjoy apam balik, a delicious type of griddled pancake! From buzzing street markets and stalls to modern, busy restaurants across its great cities, a meal here will never disappoint!

3. Breathtaking national parks

Malaysia boasts a huge array of national parks for you to explore. Taman Negara, widely believed to be the oldest tropical rainforest in the world, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. Located on the Malay Peninsula, the park is estimated to be more than 130 million years old.

A visit to the Penang National Park is also a must on your Malaysian getaway too, located at the north-western tip of the state Penang. The park was established with the aim of preserving and protecting flora and fauna and today, welcomes visitors to enjoy its natural treasures.

Bako National Park is another brilliant attraction on your holiday, located in the state of Sarawak. As the oldest national park in Sarawak, the park offers outstanding diversity of natural landscapes, from dense rainforests to beautiful beaches.

4. Malacca City

Malacca, the capital city of the Malaysian state of Malacca, is another great reason to visit Malaysia. As the oldest Malaysian city in the Straits of Malacca, it is hugely popular amongst tourists today, offering great historic sites and modern attractions for the whole family. The city is notably home to the Cheng Hoon Teng, the oldest functioning temple in Malaysia, as well as Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, a popular museum showcasing the local history of ethnic Chinese-Malays.

A river cruise is a must here, offering a relaxing and unforgettable way to sight-see the UNESCO World Heritage city.

5. Fantastic beaches

Malaysia has a tropical rainforest climate, with a hot and humid climate throughout the year. The country is home to a great variety of beaches to relax on under the Malaysian sun, notably across its irresistible islands. Pangkor Island offers gorgeous, long stretches of golden sand as well as crystal-clear waters for marine activities.

Langkawi Island and the Perhentian Islands are also known to host some of the most stunning beaches in the country. Langkawi Island beaches are typically secluded and picturesque with hidden coves, while the Perhentian Islands boasts fantastic scuba-diving opportunities in particular.

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