10 reasons to rent a villa on holiday

10 reasons to rent a villa on holiday

Need a holiday? Whether you desire a romantic retreat for two, cultural trip with the gang or fun-filled family escape, the choice of accommodation can sometimes seem to be a tricky part of planning.

Hotel prices soar at peak times while larger travel parties can struggle to fit into one spot without extravagant expenditure – not to mention the hassle of navigating kids around a crowded hotel and queuing tirelessly for a poolside chair!

Renting a villa for your holiday is the obvious choice for the perfect experience. Check out our top 10 reasons why you should say yes to a villa rental!

1)     It’s all about you

Slightly fussy? Overly picky? Not a worry. You can choose exactly what you want from your villa holiday. When booking your villa rental, you can browse your desired location and find the properties which suit your needs. Focussing on family-friendly? Need a totally private pool? Dreaming of a sauna and spa? Or simply require a BBQ to cook up a treat after a hard day’s sunbathing! Don’t feel forced to settle for less.

You’ll find a plethora of holiday villas across the Travelopo portfolio, ideal for sun-seekers, those dreaming of ocean views and active groups looking for challenging hikes close to their holiday home.

2)     Blissful privacy

The beauty of renting your own villa on holiday is certainly the privacy which comes with it. If you want a midnight or early morning swim, go ahead, in total seclusion. If you fancy a late night BBQ, don’t worry about having to find a chair to relax on, burger in hand. Enjoy your villa pool without the bustling queues and crowds. With a holiday villa rental, you and your family can simply come and go as you please.

3)     Pool fun

Most villa rentals come with access to a private or shared pool – a feature inevitably providing 24/7 entertainment! Gone are the days of waiting for a communal sun lounger. Find your dream villa rental and be assured of how many sun loungers are on offer and what time you can use the facilities – crowd-free.

4)     Save money

Renting a villa will save you and your family a significant amount of money – money which can be spent elsewhere on your trip or saved for the next adventure! A family holiday in a hotel can be hugely expensive, with constant extra costs, such as breakfast or using the hotel’s WiFi, phones, spa or gym. As a group, you’ll often find it’s much cheaper to rent a villa than pay for hotel rooms individually, with less perks and privacy as a result.

5)     Tasty treats

One of the biggest perks of renting your own villa is the ability to buy and cook whatever you want to eat. Without being forced to spend money on meals three time a day, you can enjoy sampling local foods and cooking your own family meal. If you have a BBQ, you won’t get tired of poolside BBQ’ed meals at sunset.

6)  Guest-friendly

With the privacy and space inside and outside your villa, you’re free to invite guests around during your stay. If you make friends with the locals, or hear a friend is in the area, you can entertain them in your private temporary home, without the hassle of finding a table in a crowded hotel.

7)    Fantastic for families

Most villa rentals are great for families, but you can specifically request a family-friendly villa when booking to ensure there are cots/high chairs available. Most villas also offer a great sense of security – making your getaway that extra bit more comforting. And if you choose a rental away from immediate neighbours, you can easily get the kids to bed, undisturbed from surrounding noise.

8)    Help on hand

In a hotel, if there’s an issue with your room or the company, it can take a long time for it be solved – especially if hundreds of other guests staying there are suffering from the same problem. In a villa rental, you will have a local agent on-hand to contact if an issue arises – you’ll never be in a never-ending queue! Take note of their contact details on arrival and remain assured you have help on hand, should any issues arise. Don’t forget to take advantage of their local knowledge too – top tips about the best local attractions, bars and sightseeing routes are a must!

9)     Room to breathe

Typically, your holiday villa rental will provide far more space than any other type of  accommodation, both inside and out. Larger families do not have to worry about packing light or cramming too much luggage. And again – no more poolside fights over the limited sunbeds!

10)  A paradise year-on-year

Unlike a hotel, where you may not be able to request a specific room, or ensure your holiday will reach your expectations with ever-changing staff, guests and facilities, your villa will always be there to re-book.  If you fall in love with your rental, you can book again next year and be assured your experience will be the same – if not better – than before! Try it out across the seasons and return to your holiday, happy place.

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