10 easy ways to make holiday packing pain-free

10 easy ways to make holiday packing pain-free

Holiday packing is a dreaded task for many. Trying to remember all the necessities, fitting all your items into your suitcase and sticking to a luggage allowance can result in you leaving the task until the last minute – but then realising your mistake!

To help make your holiday packing pain-free, we’re sharing 10 top tips for easy packing and organisation…

1. Embrace the list

It may seem obvious, but writing a checklist before you start packing is the best possible way to ensure nothing gets left behind. Get a friend or family member to check over the list too for further reassurance and stick by it when packing.

2. Weigh your luggage

Baggage allowance is normally 20 kilos per person, but this depends on who you’re flying with. Many charter airlines charge for excess baggage and equipment (e.g. golf clubs) so remember to weigh your suitcase before arriving at the airport to avoid hassle and unwanted extra charges (and again before the return flight home – holiday purchases can quickly add up the weight!)

3. Wear your heaviest clothing

Without layering up beyond comfortability, it’s a good idea to wear your heaviest clothing on the day you fly to free up space in your luggage. Not only does this help you avoid paying an excess luggage charge with the extra weight, but also ensure you’ll never be too cold waiting in the airport or during your flight!

4. Roll your clothes

Rolling instead of folding your clothes is the best possible holiday packing technique. If possible, use vacuum compression bags to also reduce the suitcase space used up with clothing. These bags also stop your clothes from creasing, so your wardrobe is ready to go on arrival.

5. Keep documents safe

If you’re keeping any important documents in your suitcase (or most likely hand luggage), ensure it’s all kept neatly together to avoid you rifling through perfectly packed clothing and possessions when it’s needed.

6. Check the weather forecast

It’s a good idea to check the weather forecast of your holiday destination a day or so before you fly so you can pack accordingly. Pack some versatile clothing just in case the forecast proves inaccurate!

7. Only pack what you need

Check what’s already provided at your accommodation before packing – for example, if you’re renting a villa, these normally come with bed linen as well as bath and hand towels, which would otherwise take up a considerable amount of space in your suitcase. Don’t over-pack to avoid travelling with a heavy suitcase filled with items of clothing you won’t get the chance to wear.

8. Label check

It’s important to check your suitcase is padlocked and labelled with your current contact details (legibly) in case it’s lost or picked up by someone else accidentally.

9. Leave space

While it’s tempting to cram as much as physically possible into your suitcase, make sure to leave sufficient room for holiday purchases – again, this helps ensure you’re not charged for excess luggage on your return flight.

10. Don’t avoid it!

Don’t leave packing for your holiday too late! If you start early, you are giving yourself enough time to buy and locate necessary holiday items. Get the task out of the way sooner rather than later so you can focus on a stress-free journey and enjoy your holiday!

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