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How to pack with hand luggage only

Packing for your holiday can be a pain at the best of times – but taking just hand luggage can make the task seem near impossible. We assure you, it’s not and it’s definitely worth it.

6 ways to avoid airport stress

Love or hate it, the airport can be pretty unavoidable if you’re planning a holiday to certain destinations. While it’s incredibly convenient to fly, getting to and through the airport can feel more of a burden and pain on your break.

11 ways to keep busy on a long-haul flight

Nothing quite kills the excitement of your holiday than 6+ hours on the plane! Love or hate them, they’re normally mandatory for you to reach certain destinations from home. With some of us facing flights of over 20 hours, time can suddenly seem to go veeeery slowly as you take off – even if you start a game of I-spy!

Top tips: How to overcome homesickness on holiday

Whether you’re jetting off for a group holiday with friends or to spend some quality time with your family, it’s easy to become homesick. Feeling hugely separated from the people and places you see everyday and the daily routine you’re used to is perfectly normal – but it doesn’t have to ruin your holiday!

6 fun ways to document your holiday

Say cheese! Not too long ago, the disposable camera was the most popular holiday accessory. Many still root for the chunky cameras instead of going digital. They definitely give you that ‘holiday-feeling’ and are a fun pick-me-up when it comes to developing your snaps during your post-holiday blues!

Mallorca: A travel guide

Earlier this summer Ape to Gentleman were invited to the Spanish island of Majorca in the Balearics, off the coast of Spain. A year-round destination, Mallorca is far from a beach resort island, it’s sophisticated, stylish and modern.

What to do on a Nendaz, Switzerland holiday!

On Tuesday we were up bright and early to go cheese making in the Alps. It was certainly a different way to spend a Tuesday morning! Once we arrived at the farm we watched the whole process from start to finish and were allowed to explore both the store rooms where the cheeses were kept … Continue reading “What to do on a Nendaz, Switzerland holiday!”

Why Nendaz, Switzerland needs to be on your radar

Nendaz, Switzerland is famous for its ski resorts — but I’m of the opinion that it makes the perfect off the beaten path Switzerland getaway, even in the summer off-season. With quirky traditional Swiss festivals, beautiful mountain views, and outdoor activities in abundance, Nendaz is Swiss perfection pretty much any time of year, and made … Continue reading “Why Nendaz, Switzerland needs to be on your radar”

A dream country: A guide to Nendaz, Switzerland

I have ALWAYS wanted to visit the Swiss alps, but I have a secret, I can’t skii and I am not a fan of the winter (I know, I know what kind of blogger am I!). So when I found out that there are literally hundreds of things to enjoy in the summer in Nendaz … Continue reading “A dream country: A guide to Nendaz, Switzerland”

Woovim, Nendaz: A luxury chalet review in the heart of the Swiss Alps

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know pretty much ALL I posted on Insta stories for pretty much every single day of my recent press trip to Nendaz, Switzerland was about my amazing chalet that I had the pleasure of staying in.